Yahoo Employee Pleads Guilty for Hacking Accounts

A former Yahoo employee has pleaded guilty to hacking thousands of customer accounts in search of sexual images and videos.

Reyes Daniel Ruiz, 34, of Tracy, California, admitted to using his access at work to hack into concerning half-dozen,000 Yahoo accounts. Ruiz apparently cracked user passwords and accessed internal Yahoo systems to achieve access.

He admitted to targeting the accounts of young women, as well as work colleagues and friends from his personal life. Ruiz then created copies of pictures and videos he took from the compromised accounts and keep the info in his home network.

After his suspicious activity was observed by Yahoo, Ruiz admitted to destroying the computer and hard drive on which he stored the stolen images and videos

It’s unclear exactly how he actually compromised the accounts, but the Department of Justice claimed he was first able to “crack” user passwords to access internal Yahoo systems.

Once inside, he was then able to compromise other accounts, including iCloud, Facebook, Gmail and DropBox — presumably if a password reset emails were sent to the hacked Yahoo accounts.

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