Twitter temporarily disables ‘Tweeting via SMS’ after CEO gets hacked

Twitter today at last chose to incidentally impair a component, called ‘Tweeting by means of SMS,’ after it was mishandled by a hacking gathering to bargain Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey a week ago and sent a progression of bigot and hostile tweets to Dorsey’s adherents.

Dorsey’s Twitter record was undermined a week ago when a programmer gathering calling itself “Laughing Squad” reproduced a cell phone number related with the CEO account and mishandled this specific component to post bigot, hostile messages and bomb dangers from it by means of SMS.

Recreating a cell phone number related with another person is a strategy known as “SIM swapping,” where aggressors social architect an injured individual’s cell phone supplier and stunt the telecom organization to move target’s telephone number to their very own SIM card

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