Mozilla launches Firefox VPN extension for US users

Firefox users in the US can sign up to test Mozilla’s upcoming VPN (virtual private network) service, named the Firefox Private Network.

Any US user with a Firefox account can sign up on the Firefox Private Network website to test the extension. currently, the extension only works with Firefox desktop versions, but it’s expected to be available for mobile users as well, once it leaves beta.

The new VPN project, the team writes, is a good example of this approach. It’s a Test Pilot project because the team wants to fine-tune it a bit more before its public release.

Mozilla is partnering with Cloudflare for this launch and Cloudflare is providing the proxy server for it. It’s available as a Firefox extension, but only in the U.S. and for Firefox desktop users. For now, it’s available for free, though there have been some hints that Mozilla will at some point start charging for the service

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