iOS Weather App UVLens Sent Adult Content Popup Push Notifications To Users

Recently, the iOS weather app UVLens caused a flurry among users. Many iPhone users received an adult Push notification from the application, hinting a possible cyberattack on the app. However, it turned out the culprit was the Push notification supplier that may well have been compromised.

Reportedly, users of the iOS weather app UVLens faced some trouble recently. As evident from the huge number of complaints from the users of this app on Twitter, the app disturbed most users.

Upon clicking the notification, users reported that the app tried to open a new window. However, one of the users told UVLens that the page didn’t load. MacRumors elaborated that they contacted the app developers regarding this issue. Also, the netizens flooded Twitter with many complaints. Eventually, UVLens picked up the matter.

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