Google removed 2 malicious camera apps from play store

Google has removed 2 well-liked selfie-camera filter apps from the Play store, which were downloaded for over one.5 million times. The apps were engaged for hosting illegal adware and also the action was taken against them, after finding these 2 apps shady. Wandera security research team detected these tow apps as Sun professional Beauty Camera and Funny Sweet Beauty Camera.

1 ) Sun pro Beauty Camera app

It has also come into light-weight that Sun pro Beauty Camera app, once installed on the phone, it creates an icon within the app drawer. once the user taps on the app, it creates a shortcut and removes itself from the app drawer. If the user tries to uninstall the app, the shortcut gets deleted, however, the app continues to work within the background. And, the shady app can bombard full-screen ads on the phone resulting in unwanted distraction.

2) Funny Sweet Beauty Camera

On the opposite hand, Funny Sweet Beauty Camera application may be a bit less annoying. it’s said to push a whole ad once every filtered photograph downloaded from the app. what is more alarming is that each the apps get 3 permissions like record audio anytime without user consent, create a short cut to deceive people during uninstallation of the app and system alert window, that posts a billboard and trick the patron to click on it.

For user, it is always advisable to keep a check on such apps that asks for unwanted consent or permissions to access. Also, avoid downloading any app from third party sources.

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