Apple accuses Google researchers for fake iPhone hacking reports

The news of Apple’s iPhone vulnerability broke recently with an in-depth report from Project Zero, a group at Google that specializes in uncovering zero-day hacks that threaten internet users. According to the team, a number of websites had deployed hacks that could install malware with root access on the iPhone. The operators of the sites could steal data, monitor phone locations, and even access the user’s on-device password storage. Google said the attacks operated “over a period of at least two years” and covered almost every version of iOS active during that time. 

Apple issued a press conference late last week disputing a part of Google’s findings. The iPhone maker strenuously objects to Google’s claim that the attacks operated for 2 years. In fact, Apple says it had been nearer to 2 months. Apple says it already knew regarding the issues and was handily already engaged on a fix

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