Airbus supplier hit by a series of cyberattacks

Aerospace large airliner has been hit by a series of cyberattacks by hackers who targeted VPNs used by its suppliers in an attempt to steal sensitive company knowledge.

Over the course of the last twelve months, the ecu company has been the target of 4 major attacks. airbus could be a significantly tempting target for hackers owing to its with-it technologies and therefore the proven fact that it’s one amongst the world’s largest business plane makers similarly as a military provider.

The company admitted in Jan that it had suffered a security incident that “resulted in unauthorized access to data” however those conversant in the attacks revealed that airliner was the concentrate of a way larger operation allotted over the last year.

China’s APT10 hacking group linked

China’s APT10 has been named as a likely suspect in some reports. This is the same group suspected of recent cyberattacks on several utility companies and mobile carriers in the US.

However, China has repeatedly denied the involvement of its agencies in hacking operations against foreign companies.

An airbus voice said the corporate was awake to cyber campaigns being administered by hackers in an attempt to compromise the company’s systems. They further that the IT security groups of the corporate are  observation such threats and taking all necessary steps to safeguard the systems

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